“…once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act.”
~Proverbs 24:12

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow, Sun and Smiles

We began the day at 9:15, when our translator came to pick us up. The sun had just began to rise and we were off to see B! At the suggestion of our translator, we saw B for a longer period of time this morning and planned on seeing C in the afternoon.

Usually, we see C for 45 minutes, drive to B’s baby home to see him for 45 minutes, get in an hour of site-seeing, eat lunch, visit with C for 45 minutes to an hour, drive once again to B’s home and play with him for a final 45 minutes to an hour. (Whew! Are you tired just reading that?!) However, today we thought it best to spend a larger block of time with B. At his age, it takes more time to break down the barriers and sometimes feel that just when we’re making a breakthrough, it’s time to go. So we spent a good hour and half, hour and forty-five minutes with him this morning. I would say it definitely paid off!

We started our play time outside, at the request of his caregivers, since they usually get a set amount of time each day to play outside. We were equipped with a red plastic shovel and a HUGE snow suit, green mittens and a pink hat for our little guy. Yes, a pink hat. All bundled up, we ventured off into the snow.

We took a walk around back where we stopped to play with his shovel. He wasn’t too interested. I took out his favorite toy—the stacking cups—to see if that created a better response. He loved watching Mama dig in the snow with the cups and make the snow fall as I was pouring it out. B wanted to get involved too, however the green mittens that were sewed onto his snowsuit were sewed on the wrong hands. The poor guy wasn’t able to really grasp anything. We took a look around, scoped out the play area to see who was around and took off his gloves (GASP!) so that he could play.

Side Note: Russians like to bundle up their children—and I mean bundle like you’ve never seen! They shouldn’t go anywhere outside without a hat, no matter the weather. And heaven forbid if you can see any piece of skin other than their cheeks while outside in the Russian winter! As I mentioned in my previous post, renovations were being done on the entrance we usually used to get to his group. The work created a draft in that section of the baby home, and because of that, every time B was taken out of his group’s main room and down that inside stairwell he was made to wear a winter hat despite the inside temperature being above 80 degrees.

It takes a real man to wear pink. Just ask my husband!

Back inside, we played more with his stacking cups and the toy truck which we had brought and left on our first trip. We also noticed that his outfits yesterday and today both included items that we had donated on our last trip. We thought that was sweet! His favorite thing to do today…? Get his belly tickled! He just absolutely LOVED that and laughed and laughed and laughed! There is nothing like the sound of your own child’s laugh, is there? Surprisingly enough, he also really liked getting his nose cleaned up. Unfortunately, because it is so hot and so dry in the baby home, he had a nose bleed from the dry air. We had to clean him up a few times and each time smiled and giggled as if we were playing a game! What two-year-old loves getting his nose cleaned?!

After visiting B we were off to meet with another representative from our agency who prepared us for court as we ate lunch. She went over the basics of what to expect and explained who would be present in the court room. It’s nerve-wracking when you think of it. I mean, how many mothers have to go before a judge before they can be parents? (Oh the exceptional lengths we as adoptive parents go to for our children!) I’m sure everything will be just fine, but still… Please say a prayer for us…

On the way to lunch, the sun came out! Believe me when I say that it is a rarity here in St. Petersburg this time of year. Our translator explained to us that the sun fully comes out from behind the clouds only three to five times in November and December. What a blessing we were in for! We stopped real quick to check out the palace square, where we saw the magnificence that is the Winter Palace! It’s breathtaking, really. Especially in the snow.


After lunch, some souvenir shopping and a quick walk around the square, we were on our way to C! Okay, I know I’m biased, but she truly is one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen. Scratch that, THE most beautiful. Hey, I’m her mama (almost!), so I can say that! Seriously though, practically everyone she comes in contact with is just smitten with her and so taken by her beauty. That’s our girl!

Today, C liked take the puffs that Papa and I would put between our lips and munch on them herself. It was a great bonding activity with very close interactions for all three of us. She loved playing peek-a-boo with the blow-up beach ball with Papa. Her smile is so precious! She got fussy once or twice and my motherly instinct told me that she just needed to be held. I scooped her up and was proven right. Her smiles came right back! She’s definitely a snuggler.

All the Hunters had on pink today!

C is not walking yet and is unsteady on her feet if left to stand by herself, but I’m sure with some more one-on-one attention, she’ll develop and grow like crazy! Just like her brother. B isn’t talking much. His caregivers did admit that he doesn’t too say many words yet, which does put him a little behind, but that’s okay! We’ll work on it. I’m sure in just those first few weeks we’ll see so much development among all four of us! One of his caregivers did jokingly say that he doesn’t speak in full Russian sentences yet because he’s saving up his verbal skills for learning English! She said, why waste time on Russian! Hee hee hee…

Derek and I won’t get out to see the kids tomorrow morning, as our court hearing begins at noon and we don’t want to risk being late. Friends, please say a prayer for us and for our children that court goes well. It is my heart’s desire—and I truly believe God’s will—that Derek and I become B and C’s parents and give them the personal love that they so fully deserve.


Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

Pink on B?! - GASP! You know where I'm coming from on that one, don't you?!?!?! LOL!
Your post yesterday and today have really made me think....think alot! I know it's really nerve-racking to go to court and I am sure you & Derek have already proven yourselves to all the caregivers there - you already are amazing parents to B &C! I am totally amazed at how the parenting instinct has kicked into full gear with both of you! B and C are the two luckiest kids in the world to get you and Derek for their parents! The whole court thing is going to be nerve-racking, but I am glad that it's part of the process and I am thankful that there is a Judge that really cares about who will be the parents of B & C, b/c tomorrow you become parents for the rest of your and their lives! I wish that a Judge cared that much about P. Don't be nervous tomorrow - everything is gonna be absolutely perfect for you! I can't wait until you bring your kids home forever! What an awesome Christmas God has given you all! Love you!

Ber Bolton said...

I'm sure court will go just fine...after all God has gone ahead of you and prepared the way...I will still be praying but trust that everything will go just fine.
Side Note: Russia is gorgeous!

Dana said...

Prayers...LOVE the love you have for those sweet babies who are YOURS!...So excited..and I love you!

Brent said...

They dressed Jack in pink as well. He has survived!! Every bit of a boy still. We will remind him later with all the pics.

Court will go well, Mary Rae was a ball of nerves but it will go very well. The agency prepares you well, listen to them and you will be just fine. We have all the faith in will go well.

I cannot wait to read tomorrows entry with all the good news.


Jenn said...

Unfortunately, I just now caught up on your blog posts, which is around 3 p.m. your time. I so hope the time in court went well and things are continuing to progress. You, Derek, B, and C are often in my thoughts this week. I hope the time will be short until your precious babies are coming home with you. Love you all! :)


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