“…once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act.”
~Proverbs 24:12

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Almost Home

Derek is definitely on the mend. I suppose it was a stomach virus after all, though I think he'll probably get checked out once we're home and settled a bit. He's weak, but at least isn't vomitting. We are making it through! Thank you to everyone who has kept us in your prayers. They were most definitely felt and we are so grateful.

Just before I got online, Derek checked the statuses of our flights. It looks like, as of now we are good to go. For our long, eight hour flight, we are not sitting together. We're hoping someone may volunteer to change seats so we can sit as a faily and help each other out when needed.

When we get to the Moscow airport, we will most likely be pulled aside and asked to show every original document regarding the adoption we have... times two, since we have siblings. We are prepared for that. Also, once we land in D.C. (our first home-country stop) we will be asked to go though a special immigration screening. Yesterday, we received two sealed packets which we will be required to hand over to immigration at that time. We were reminded at least eleven times that they must remain sealed! Who knows what happens if the seal is somehow broken, but I sure don't want to find out. After the immigration officer goes through our packet and gives us the okay, he will stamp our kiddos' Russian passports with the American Visas. It is at that precise moment that they become American citizens! How exciting!!

We leave our hotel at 2:30 a.m. tomorrow (Friday) morning to catch our 5:55 a.m. flight. I'm hoping our driver can at least drive us by Red Square. We'll see.

So, today is Thursday. Of which of course, I lost track. It is also December 30. Of which, again, I lost track of. December 30. Derek and my anniversary. Five years ago today we were married in the evening at Union Station Hotel in Nashville. Whoever would have thought that exactly five years later we would be in a car with our two precious children on our way to bring them home from Russia...

Life is good. Thank you God.


Jenn said...

What a precious anniversary gift! Happy 5th Anniversary! Have a safe trip home, Hunter family :)

Laurie said...

Happy Anniversary! Praying for a safe trip home - seems like you all have been gone forever!!!

Peggy said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember that blessed night well! Jesse and I were dating but not married just yet.

We're praying for all things to go well on your trip back home. May God move in every situation you come upon.

Much love,

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary, Hunters! What a special time of year this will be...lots of anniversaries :-). Looking forward to your return and Bennett and Celia's introduction! So glad to hear Derek is feeling better! Praying for a smooth rest of the trip :-).

Brent said...

Wow, what an anniversary!! Amazing where life takes you.

The immigration process is not bad. The folks we dealt with were in NY and could use a dose of personality but I guess that is just NY for you. Hang in there for the flight to the US, keep reminding yourself "this too shall pass" if the kids act up on the flight. When you land in the US, you will be very very happy. Its good for the mind just to know you landed in the US. Does a mind, body, and spirit well to get back to US soil.

Happy travels!!!



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