“…once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act.”
~Proverbs 24:12

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day Home as a Family

The day we thought would never arrive finally did! Saturday was the first full day that we heard the stomp-stomp pitter-patter of little feet. We have our babies HOME!

After about a 26-hour journey home and with a nine hour time adjustment to get used to, our kiddos were up at 5 a.m. our first morning home. Not too bad, I thought. We started the day off with breakfast before the sun came up. Bennett loved the eggs at the free breakfast buffet in our hotel in St. Petersburg, so I whipped up some--thanks to my parents who did some grocery shopping for us just before we got home. He chowed down!

Celia wasn't that big of a fan of the eggs, but still was all smiles.

Bennett is a pro with the sippy cup now. Perhaps he's "mastered" the plastic things a bit too much, as he's caused some to leak already.

Our first breakfast in our home as a family of four. It felt so good! (And American coffee made fresh by my husband made it that much better!)

For most of the day, we simply played in the playroom, the room immediately next to their nursery. We plan to keep their world small, hoping that doing so will make them feel more secure and at ease. At least as best as possible. The two biggest hits with the kids were the talking "house" and a bucket filled with different plastic shapes, which Bennett claimed as his own right away.

Knowing that neither of them have ever had a toy that was completely THEIRS, it was interesting to see the two of them interact. Bennett can be very gracious and thoughtful when it comes to sharing toys with his sister. The toys he associates with Celia (links, music box, the "house" key, etc.) he will take over to her. But if she even begins to reach  for something that Bennett feels he has a claim over (the bucket, for example) Mama usually has to intercede. Several times, however, if Celia reaches for something of Bennett's, he will pull his toy back but give her one of "hers." My boy is so sweet.

Nap time didn't go too well, despite learning a cute nap time song from "Yo Gabba Gabba." (Is it odd that we're actually enjoying watching Nick Jr.?) Truth be told, it hasn't gone that great since we've come home. This is the fourth new place for them to sleep in just a week and a half. Poor things. We rock them and hold them until they fall asleep, being extra cautious not to wake them when we transfer them into their crib. And when they wake up crying, we are there to soothe them. Though it may seem odd of overboard to some parents and it may not be the easiest thing to do, we are committed to comforting our babies whenever they need it, and that sometimes entails things like that. Our kiddos lived their whole lives without the comfort of parents. They deserve us making it up to them.

Derek's brother and dad came over to drop off dinner for us. We were SO grateful! There just hasn't been much time to prepare meals for us, so it was a blessing. I'm sure when B and C feel more secure in our home and with us, we'll be able to make the time to do some needed things like that. But for now, our focus is on our children.

Celia let Derek's brother, Shane, hold her, much to Derek's chagrin. Celia doesn't warm up to men very quickly or easily, and D has struggled with that a bit. I think the fact that if I get just two feet away from her, she bursts into tears magnifies the difficulty. But, each day the bonds amongst all four of us are strengthening. Day by day, we're making progress.


MR said...

So glad to read your updates! Even though I know it is exhausting and you have little time for things like cooking, sounds like you all are doing great! It took us about 3 weeks with Jack to get a good routine going with sleep and play...a little longer with Alina, but she is a different story with sleep anyway! You will get there and you are doing a great job with being there for them...they need it!
Mary Rae

Dana said...

aww..so sweet!...and I believe in being there for them every time they cry or want you..Spoiling kids with love is a good thing!...So glad things are going good..love you!

Amy said...

Oh Kat...not odd at all that you should comfort your babies whenever they need it. You're Mommy and before you can believe it they will be rotten horrible teenagers who would sooner die than give you a hug.

So enjoy it while you can.


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